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Law, Ethics & Politics of Innovation

Understand the regulatory frameworks of innovation, place your projects in a context of responsibility

Understand the regulatory frameworks of innovation, place your projects in a context of responsibilityAt each stage of a project (ideation, creation, implementation, acquisition), understanding the regulatory framework is crucial. In a context where the legal, ethical and political frameworks of innovation are constantly evolving, Imane Bello assists you by proposing a tailor-made, agile and sustainable approach, adapted to your needs, in order to allow you to place innovation in a context of responsibility and to take the most sustainable strategic decisions possible.

Tech-compliance & Human Rights

Understand the obligations of compliance and respect for human rights, have a precise vision of the risks

Identifying the risks related to each innovation project allows to prevent and mitigate them, at all stages of the project (ideation, construction, implementation, acquisition). Imane Bello assists you in the implementation of methods to identify these risks, and methods to navigate them, including in terms of respect for fundamental rights such as, for example, the right to privacy or the ban on forced labor.

Litigation & Innovation Law

Develop a defense strategy for the pre-litigation and litigation phases

Protecting yourself against or defending yourself from malicious actions is a major challenge. Respecting and protecting your privacy, your reputation, your confidential data or your fundamental rights requires a flexible strategy, both in the pre-litigation phase and in litigation before the competent courts.

Strategy & Innovation

Adapt your strategy to the legal framework applicable to your innovative projects, including DeepTech

Whether it concerns artificial intelligence systems or projects related to the Web3 ecosystem, the state of the law is particularly evolving and sometimes depends on the political priorities set by public authorities. In this context, Imane Bello assists her clients on a daily basis in identifying and applying the body of rules to innovations operating in fluctuating legal environments.