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Here are some of the most popular topics that corporations, non-profits, and conferences like to bring me in for:

  • Legal & Policy landscape of AI: Highlighting the tensions between different interests to enable a better understanding of the current state of the law and policy discussions on multiple subject-matter (generative AI, surveillance applications, discriminative AI, etc.)
  • European AI Law : How to understand (and comply) with the AI European law - the easily understable & fun way.
  • Interactions between humans & AI "companions": Placing social changes related to interactions with other "informational agents" in diverse axioms of questions. How do we now relate, to what? In which direction might we go? (with a pinch of policy & legal elements of course).
  • Skills of the new world: how to anticipate AI-induced work-related changes, as organizations and individuals? Which skills should we learn and how?

I speak to a variety of audiences from C-Suite to data scientists, legal professionals and designers.

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